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about Corkpel

Eco cork is an integral part of the authentic Portuguese culture. Every product in our store is high-quality and environmentally friendly. The key to the reliability and durability of our cork products is the unique material from which they are made.

In our cork shops you can find a variety of cork products from more than 6 leading factories in Portugal, which guarantee the authenticity and the highest quality. CorkPel™ offers a wide range of elegant and exquisite cork products: handbags, purses, wallets, hats, jewelry, accessories, shoes, childrens products and much more. Our Cork product range will make you and your loved ones feel truly special and stand out from the crowd.

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Our natural cork from Portugal are handmade with ecological natural material.  That is why our cork products  are so popular. The whole process of creating each product is completely safe for the environment. Cork material retains its properties regardless of heat and cold, which makes it particularly valuable. To the touch it´s extremely soft and pleasant, and absolutely not harmful to our  health. Many of the cork accessories can be purchased in our cork shops from  Portugal and contribute to the preservation of the ECO systems of our PLANET!