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photoCork oak grows in Portugal. The cork oak lifetime is in the range of 170-200 years. The technology of the cork gathering is absolutely harmless and does not lead to the destruction of the tree.

Unique ecological characteristics of the cork determine the ability of the cork oak regenerate its own bark every 9-11 years after withdrawal. The cork withdrawal from the tree with special equipment by sheet form from June to August. After cutting off the bark is sorted and separated by the reason of the many directions for its use. Unfortunately, this unique material until recently has been only known exclusively in the production of wine. Today the natural cork takes unexpected forms and is used in fashion world and accessories, especially it´s about cork bags, purses and cork hats.

What actually is a cork material and why today this material is not only the winemakers object of interest? What is attractive in cork for producers and consumers?  It turns out that whole point is the ‹‹magic bubbles››. The features of molecular structure of the cork determine its valuable qualities such as lightness, suppleness, elasticity, durability, hypoallergenic feature, waterproof, etc. More than 85% of its volume are the cells filled with gas such as nitrogen and oxygen. The structure of cork is like a honeycomb. This honeycomb-like tissue structure and nature of the cell membranes give to the cork special features which also find use in the fashion world.

Have you ever felt the soft and gentle touch of the cork leather? No one would suggest that this soft material was extracted from the furrowed bark of the cork oak! After prolonged treatment the cork becomes almost like leather, That is why men’s and women’s  cork shoes are extremely light and convenient. The cork textile product is cleaned with a soft cloth moistened in a warm water or a soapy water solution. Buying cork  products, don´t worry about their taking care.